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Welcome to Beautiful Wedding Celebrations

At the heart of any of these celebrations is the love shared between two people. This is the fundamental basis on which two people decide to publicly acknowledge their dedication and commitment to each other.

A wedding is a legal celebration of the bringing together of two people with all their hopes, dreams and life values. It is the celebration of new beginnings – perhaps a change of name, life style and the blending of two families. I will assist you in completing all the necessary legal documents that must be lodged with the Department of Birth, Deaths and Marriages in Australia. I can conduct weddings in any state in Australia. In addition if one partner is living overseas, I can assist in providing a letter of support for inclusion in the visa application.

I will also work closely with both of you to design a ceremony that is personal. There are no limits to your contact with me via email to discuss and design your ceremony and to clarify any questions you may have about the ceremony and its preparation.