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Renewal of Vows

Welcome to Beautiful Wedding Celebrations

A Renewal of Vows celebration is an opportunity for two people to reaffirm their love to each other and if appropriate to possibly include their children and grandchildren. This ceremony may be conducted to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary or perhaps you were married overseas and wish to conduct a ceremony in Australia in the presence of your family, friends, and work colleagues. It is a rich celebration of heritage and the wonderful memories of a couple's life journey so far, and looks at the future with all its possibilities.

In all of these celebrations, I would work with you in designing a personalised and meaningful ceremony that will be performed with warmth and dignity at a place of your choice. I offer a range of options from traditional to spontaneous and fun. I will provide you with a list of resources that includes reflections, vows and ideas on a variety of symbolism that can be incorporated into the ceremony. Beautifully calligraphic certificates will be presented to you as a memento at the conclusion of each ceremony.

I will also work closely with both of you to design a ceremony that is personal. There are no limits to your contact with me via email to discuss and design your ceremony and to clarify any questions you may have about the ceremony and its preparation.